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Employee of the Month Nomination Information

  • Nomination Process:

    An individual can nominate a Uvalde CISD employee simply by filling out and submitting a nomination form. Community members may also fill out and submit a nomination form. Forms are available online on the UCISD website. They are to be submitted to Anne Marie Espinoza either by mail (1000 North Getty, Uvalde, Texas 78801), email (amespinoza1075@uvaldecisd.net), or simply dropped off at Central Office.

    Nominators should keep in mind the judging criteria and write the nomination accordingly. When asked why a co-worker is deserving of the award, elaborate your response; give specific examples; use descriptions; draw a picture for the judges of the perfect Uvalde CISD employee. Attempt to reveal in words how your nominee met each of the criteria.

    Once a month, Senior Staff members will meet to discuss the selection of the Employee of the Month. Each nomination will be graded according to the criteria and the points tallied to determine the nominee’s overall score. The highest scoring nominee will be considered for the award. Once this is determined, we will verify with the candidate’s supervisor that the employee is not under any disciplinary action that would cause him or her to be ineligible for the award.

    Once the selection has been finalized, the nominee will be presented as the winner in a celebration at their place of work. The winner will be presented with a certificate signed by the Superintendent, a keepsake and will be recognized on the Uvalde CISD Website.

    Those employees nominated, but were not chosen will receive notification that they were nominated.

    For more information please contact Anne Marie Espinoza at 830-278-6655 or by email amespinoza1075@uvaldecisd.net.