School-Based Activities Subcommittee

  • SHAC School-Based Activities Goals:

    The District establishes the following goals to create an environment conducive to healthful eating and physical activity and to promote and express a consistent wellness message through other school-based activities:)

    1. The District shall allow sufficient time for students to eat meals in cafeteria facilities that are clean, safe, and comfortable.

    2. The District shall promote wellness for students and their families at suitable District and campus activities.

    3. The District shall promote employee wellness activities and involvement at suitable District and campus activities.

    Employee Wellness Initiatives

    UCISD Nurses are providing education to employees for workplace safety in various ways.

    1. Workplace Safety lectures given at staff meetings and at the beginning of the year

    2. School-based employee weight loss/activity challenges

    3. Annual Flu shot clinics provided by local pharmacies

    4. Wellness Challenge: "A Healthy Relationship With Sugar"