UCISD Physical Activities Subcommittee

  • UCISD Physical Activities Subcommittee Wellness Goals:

    The District shall implement, in accordance with law, a coordinated health program with physical education and physical activity components and shall offer at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades. [See BDF, EHAA, EHAB, and EHAC]

    The District establishes the following goals for physical activity:

    1. The District shall provide an environment that fosters safe, enjoyable, and developmentally appropriate fitness activities for all students, including those who are not participating in physical education classes or competitive sports.

    2. The District shall provide appropriate staff development and encourage teachers to integrate physical activity into the academic curriculum where appropriate.

    3. The District shall make appropriate before-school and after-school physical activity programs available and shall encourage students to participate.

    4. The District shall make appropriate training and other activities available to District employees in order to promote enjoyable, lifelong physical activity for District employees and students.

    5. The District shall encourage parents to support their children’s participation, to be active role models, and to include physical activity in family events.

    6. The District shall encourage students, parents, staff, and community members to use the District’s recreational facilities, such as tracks, playgrounds, and the like, that are available outside of the school day. [See GKD]