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Student Supplemental Accident Insurance

Monarch Management Corporation

Under State Law, school districts are not liable for injuries that occur in school. It is important to understand that the school / district "Is Not" responsible for medical payments or bills for your child.

If your child is injured during Any School, Athletic Or Uil Sponsored Activity, all medical charges are "Your Responsibility." Football coverage is a separate benefit and premium. This Insurance Is Primary Insurance To All Other Existing Policies.

The school district has enrolled in a supplemental accident policy for the upcoming school year, which allows you the opportunity to purchase student accident insurance. You have the option of purchasing: 

  1. Coverage which includes UIL sponsored activities
  2. Coverage without UIL sponsored activities

Please note this is a limited benefit policy and any charges above the policy limits are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. 

Plan Options include: (see costs below) 

  1. School Time Only which covers accidents during school time only
  2. 24-Hour which covers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anyplace and anytime
  3. Dental coverage
  4. Football coverage

If you purchase voluntary coverage it will pay in the following sequence:

  • It pays primary if you do not have health insurance on your child.
  • If you have primary health insurance on your child then it will pay after your health insurance has paid.
  • Voluntary coverage is primary and pays first if your child is insured by CHIPS or Medicaid.


Premier Plan Options Annual Premium Economy Plan Options Annual Premium
24 Hour Coverage $195 24 Hour Coverage-Economy $127
At School Coverage $93 At School Coverage-Economy $64
24 Hour Coverage-Premier (w/out Sports) $95 24 Hour Coverage-Economy (w/out Sports) $62
At School Coverage (w/out Sports) $20 At School Coverage-Economy (w/out Sports) $13
Football Coverage (10-12) Premier $288 Football Coverage (10-12) Economy Spring $187
Spring Football (9-12) $116 Football (9-12) $75


For additional information and to enroll your child in one of these Voluntary Student I Athletic Accident Insurance:

  1. Go online to: mmc-ins
  2. Click Enroll Now. 
  3. Select your child's school district from the drop down menu and follow the enrollment questions. MasterCard and Visa are accepted.


Contact Monarch Management Corporation at 1-800-662-2778 with additional questions The above is a brief description of rates and benefits available under this plan. This is not a contract, policy, or outline of coverage. All benefits are subject to maximum amounts, limits, exclusions and other policy provisions. 
Visit mmc-ins for more information.