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Student Attendance Incentive

The Uvalde CISD Attendance Incentive Plan for students will enhance academic outcomes and foster a culture of consistent attendance during the crucial period leading up to the STARR countdown and testing. The plan aims to maximize learning opportunities, provide authentic learning experiences, and strengthen relationships within the school community.

Student Attendance Date Range: March 19 - May 3, 2024

Uvalde CISD Student Attendance Incentive

The UCISD Attendance Incentive Plan is a proactive initiative to enhance academic outcomes and encourage consistent attendance during the STARR countdown and testing period. Recognizing the pivotal role attendance plays in educational achievement; the plan is structured around two key categories to promote different facets of attendance. The "Best Attendance" and "Most Improved Attendance" categories from March 19th to May 3rd. The plan instills a collective commitment to prioritizing attendance by aligning incentives for educators and students, resulting in elevated academic performance and a positive academic experience. Let us unite in our efforts to focus on attendance from March 19th to May 3rd and the days beyond, shaping a brighter educational landscape for all involved.