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Bullying Prevention



Uvalde CISD takes bullying seriously. Bullying has been the focus of several recent local news reports, and Uvalde CISD wants you to be aware of the district's stance on this national problem. Uvalde CISDs bullying policy, taken directly from elementary, intermediate, and high school handbooks, is as follows:Bullying will not be tolerated. For purposes of this handbook, bullying is defined as hitting, kicking, teasing, threatening, taunting, assaulting, or any other form of written, verbal, physical or electronic (cyberbullying) harassment toward another student. Should students feel as though they are victims of bullying or believe that other students have experienced bullying, it is imperative that a teacher, counselor, or administrator be notified immediately. All complaints will be promptly investigated and if bullying is substantiated, immediate corrective action will be taken.We want you to know that we are committed to providing our children with a safe environment in which they may grow and learn. More information about the district's bullying policy can be found at FFI (Local) or at the campus administration office.


STOPit Solutions

STOPit allows you to privately report bullying going on at school. Throughout the school year, students from any campus will be able to use this app to report dangers, threats, and bullying they may be experiencing.

Whether it's physical, verbal, or cyberbullying, UCISD officials hope students will use this anonymous app too.

Campus Codes

Once you download our Stopit App from iTunes or Google Play, use the campus codes below to specify which campus you want to make your report on.

  •  Uvalde High School : #UHS
  • Flores Elementary : #Flores
  • Dalton Elementary: #Dalton
  • Batesville School: #Batesville
  • Uvalde Elementary : #Uvalde
  • Morales Junior High : #MJH
  • Uvalde High School: #UHS