Mr. George E. Anthony



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. George E. Anthony

I was born in Oberlin, Kansas, a small farming community in northwest Kansas in 1962.  My father was in the Marine Corps at the time and shortly after my birth we moved to 29 Palms, California.  We stayed there until 1967 when he got assigned to Hawaii.  I really enjoyed spending three years on Oahu as a young kid.  He got assigned to Okinawa, which was unaccompanied, so Mom, my two sisters and I went back to Kansas for that year.  Dad got sent back to 29 Palms, where he stayed until he retired and I graduated from high school.


After graduation, I attended the University of California, Riverside from 1980 – 1984 where I earned a BA degree in Political Science.  I enlisted in the US Army as an Air Defense Artillery crewman.  The Army assigned me to Kitzingen, Germany after I completed my initial training.  This was during the Cold War when the Warsaw Pact was still considered a major geopolitical rival.  I stayed in Germany for two years until the Army reassigned me to Fort Ord, CA for the next 18 months.  While there I had the opportunity to go to South Korea for two different Team Spirit exercises.  The second exercise was right before Seoul hosted the Olympics.  The Korean Captain assigned as our liaison took me and my lieutenant on a tour of the Olympic village.


I was eligible to reenlist after my tour of duty at Fort Ord, so I put in a request to learn Russian at the Defense Language Institute.  The Army assigned me to the DLI on the Presidio of San Francisco, where I spent four months before the Army shut it down and transferred us to the DLI in Monterrey, CA.  I went to Fort Huachuca before getting assigned to Fulda, Germany in November 1989.  I got there right as the Eastern European countries were starting to exercise their independence from the Soviet Union.  This is the time when the Berlin Wall fell and the “Iron Curtain” collapsed.


Since I was in Military Intelligence at that time my office staff liaised with the German Border Security Agency, Bundesgrenzschutz, to monitor activities along the inner-German border.  We monitored a 144-kilometer sector of border watching as the residents on both sides of the border opened pedestrian walk ways and vehicle crossing points in the series of fences that separated the two countries.  I witnessed the physical dismantling of the actual Iron Curtain between East and West Germany.  It was also during this time that I married my first wife, who was from Richmond, VA.


After this tour, my wife and I decided to move back to Richmond, so I left active duty for the Army Reserves and a job in a stock brokerage firm.  My reserve unit was located at Fort George G. Meade, in Maryland.  Once my wife returned to her life in Richmond, we discovered that I really did not fit in, so we parted ways.  This enabled me to meet my current wife, to whom I have been married for over 22 years.  Matters work out for the best given time, since it was at the stock brokerage firm that I met Camilla.  It was during this time that I returned to college at Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue a degree in Finance. 


I was recruited by another brokerage firm in Washington DC to manage one of their departments, so Camilla and I moved to University Park, MD, we had our daughter and I transferred to the University of Maryland, University College to complete the BA in Finance.  I transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve so I did not have to attend Reserve functions at this time.  I signed back into the unit in August 2001, then the September 11th attacks happened and I was mobilized for two years in a row; the first to Kaiserslautern, Germany, and the second to Kuwait with a follow-on mission in Iraq.  I returned stateside, but for only eight months at which time we moved to San Antonio and I went back to Iraq for another tour of duty, that lasted for about two years.


When I returned home, I found employment at Fort Huachuca, Arizona teaching soldiers how to be Human Intelligence Collectors.  This is when I discovered that I truly enjoyed teaching, which is why I ultimately became a math teacher.  Camilla and I made the decision that she would stay in San Antonio, while I would travel back and forth from Arizona.  I ultimately found employment in San Antonio that allowed me to teach at Camp Bullis in San Antonio.  I had one more tour of duty in Iraq after I graduated from the Warrant Officer Basic Course. I retired from the Army Reserves in December 2015 after 31 years and began working towards my teaching certificate and credentials.


My first public school position was in Sabinal teaching middle school math for one year and Algebra I, Geometry and Math Models for two years before joining the staff here at the Crossroads Academy.