Degrees and Certifications:

Terri Rambie

Head tennis coach for Uvalde High School and have been head coach going on 16 years and was jr high for 10.  I would like to make a difference in a student -athletes life on the court and off the court as well.  For players to learn the game of tennis and to have fun doing it.  I want to instill pride in playing tennis for Uvalde.


Girls Athletic Coordinator, Head Tennis Coach- 2 years experience


Overview of Class:

  • Physical Education is part of general education and is a required course for all students in order to meet their graduation requirements. It is important for the development of physical, social and mental skills.  The skills obtained from the physical education environment will the student to develop an attitude, which will prepare him/her for a lifelong pursuit of being physically fit.


Student Rules & Expectations:

    1. Follow directives:  Do what you are expected to do when you are expected to do it.

    2. Stay on task whether you are waiting for your turn in line or performing each skill.

    3. Respect those around you-your teacher and fellow students.

    4. Participate to the best of your ability-100% effort, 100% of the time.

    5. Electronics/ea buds are not allowed at any time for any reason.

    6. Must “dress out” every day in appropriate PE uniform

    7. No foul or offensive language

    8. No sitting unless instructed to do so by the teacher.


    1. Students are required to dress out each day for PE in clothing that is different from what is worn to school. Students are responsible for bringing their own PE clothing.

    2. All PE clothes must to Dress Code complaint.

    3. Athletic shorts, Sweats or Warm-ups are allowable – no cut-offs or jean shorts.  PE shorts must be fingertip length and shorts or pants worn below waist level will not tolerated.

    4. T-shirts only-tank tops are not allowed. All students are required to wear a PE t-shirt each day as a part of their PE uniform.

    5. Athletic shoes and socks must be worn and must be tied and laced. Platform shoes, slip-on shoes and any heel-less shoes are not permitted. Wearing sandals or soccer slides is not permitted.

    6. Lockers and locks are recommended. Students should bring a lock and check out a locker for use during PE time only.  No items are to be stored in the PE lockers during the school day.  The P.E. teacher will cut locks if necessary.