Mr. Rene Guerrero

Phone: 830-278-6655 ext. 1415


Degrees and Certifications:

Winston Churchill High School Graduate The Culinary Institute of America’ San Antonio 2011

Mr. Rene Guerrero

Culinary Arts

Greetings!  I am a native of San Antonio and began my hospitality career when I found my first job in high school at a restaurant called Ninfa's.  I did not know what to expect but I enjoyed it.  There is something about seeing people face to face and speaking to them directly that I love.  By the time I was a senior in high school I had already been promoted from and expeditor to a server.  I can honestly say that servers who become knowledgable about the food they are selling can make an incredible amount of money.  I was the only senior in high school that bought a brand new car on their own.  The trait that my parents instilled in us was work ethic.  Both of my parents worked, a lot!

My siblings are all successful in their way and thrived in academics.  I was different, highly creative and, could see things that others could not. I was a hands-on learner which is exactly what high school CTE programs are about. I completed some semesters here and there at UTSA, I received a cosmetology license and realized that career was not for me.  I had always dreamed and imagined and spoken out loud about having my restaurant.  In 1995 I opened the first restaurant that I developed for over 2 years.  Those 2 years of developing a highly successful restaurant concept out of thin air have been the foundation for developing this Culinary Arts Program.  Moving through uncharted territories through all the ups and downs has been the determining factor for success.  For over 25 years of creating and operating my restaurants, I have come to know that nothing is impossible.  Teaching has been very eye-opening to me, to say the least.  I continue to learn and develop along with my students this wonderful opportunity for all of those other "hands-on" learners such as myself.

Hospitality has changed tremendously.  The world changes so quickly. I think I can speak for all teachers when saying that we are here for all of our students.