Veronica Hernandez

Phone: 830-591-2988


Degrees and Certifications:

Veronica Hernandez

I have been a teacher for sixteen years. My first twelve years, I taught  third graders.  I also taught math to eighth graders for 3 years.  This is my second year teaching 2nd graders and this is my favorite grade level thus far!  I have also been blessed with three wonderful children of my own.  Their ages are 22,17 and 8.  My tiniest blessing is my grandson, who was born in 2018
  • none 7:30 Breakfast in the classroom

    7:50 Sanford Harmony

    8:00 Restroom Break

    8:05 Read-aloud

    8:25-9:25 Guided Reading

    9:25 Walk to P.E.

    9:30-10:15 PLC

    10:15  Restroom Break

    10:20-10:40 Phonics

    10:40-11:20   Writing

    11:20 Science/Social Studies

    12 Recess/Lunch

    12:30 Restroom Break

    12:45-1:15 Math

    1:15-2 Rotation

    2 Restroom Break

                                                   2:10-2:45 Math

                                                   2:45-3:15 Intervention