Mr. Tadeo Martinez



Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees Bachelors Degree in Interdiscplinary Studies Masters Degree in Health Informatics Masters Degree in Education (Counseling) Certifications EC-6th Generalist EC-12th Technology Applications EC-12 School Counselor

Mr. Tadeo Martinez

Hello, my name is Tadeo Martinez and I am the Career & Technical Education ~ Information Technology Teacher.  The courses that I am teaching for the school year of 2020-2021 are:

Principles of Information Technology

Computer Maintenance

Digital Media


Practicum of Information Technology

Graphic Design & Illustration

 Aside from teaching, I have over 10 years of computer experience from basic software/hardware troubleshooting to network design, implementation, maintenance.  


  • My course will be taught asynchronously.  What does this mean?  It means that I will pre-record a brief lesson which will be available for the student on that day.  In addition, the student will have all day to check in by signing into the attendance form.  


    You can learn more about asynchronous instruction at this link here:  Video about Asynchronous learning

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  • What are EOY projects?

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    EOY stands or End of Year projects which is somethig I do in all my courses that simulates real world situations.  The student applies what they learn throughout the school year and gradually completes the EOY project by May.  

    There are some projects that require the "outsourcing" to my other classes (Example: Digital Media outsources their web requirement to Web Tech).

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  • How do I log into class?

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    My classes are found in

    The student will use their school issued email to log into their classroom.  The studens of my classes have already been registered and an invite has en sent to their email.  

    If the student forgot their password they can message me their name and student ID to my Google #:  (210) 802-8843

    I will forward their lost password request to the school technicians and respond as soon as I get a reply.  

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  • What programs do you use in class?

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    For Computer Maintenance, Principles of Information Technology, and Networking I utilize a website called TestOut.  This website covers every technical detail that will be mentioned in the CompTIA exams.  In addition, this website also has its own certifications a student may obtain upon successful passing the certification exam.  At this moment, only the CompTIA certifications are recognized by T.E.A but other indusries do acknowledge these certifications as well.


    For my Digital Media classes and Graphic Design I will be utilizing the Adobe Suite of Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator.  Due to the COVID situation, there will be other workarounds in place.


    For Web Technologies, I use Notepad+.  It's a free program found at

    This class will learn how to create a website from scratch instead of relying on machines to automatically produce their site.

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