• Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps




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    Our Goal, Vision, and Commitment:

    • Teach Leadership & Citizenship Development.
    • To encourage participation and build teamwork skills.
    • To instill core values & discipline.
    • To foster mentoring.
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    The Junior Leadership Academic Bowl, J.L.A.B., recently competed in the annual Division I, Level I, of the round of the national competition and earned the right to advance to Level II. This competition will be held on 1-15 February 2020. It's an online event which consists of NJROTC teams nationwide. There are two slots in the next round, if our team advances during that competition, they will have earned a ticket to Washington, D.C., at the National level round. 
    C/ENS John Victorino - Team Captain
    C/MC Enrique Morales - Team member
    C/PO2 Aaron Lopez - Team member
    C/PO2 Sakeri Gonzales - Team member
    C/PO2 Brandon Dube - Team member

News & Announcements

  • Did you know?

    * NJROTC is still accepting enrollees
    * Full 4-YR military scholarships are available up to $180,000.00
    * After 2-3 years enrolled, you can enter the military at an advanced pay grade
    * After one successful enlistment in the military, you can use your earned GI Bill $ to attend college w/out debt to complete your degree
    * We offer an extremely diverse field of seven different competitive teams which you can perform and compete through state and national level formats
    * You can be part of an organization which stands firmly with distinction exemplifying pride, professionalism, and discipline
    * You can excel in opportunities of leadership while working and being part of unique teams and unit positions which will challenge you while testing your abilities to achieve specific goals while learning the values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment
    * You can be part of a team that has built a valuable and traditional reputation performing over 200 event and special organizational functions in the community and school each year
    * Travel & compete in organizational competitions with other surrounding ROTC units
    * Travel & learn through educational orientation trips
    * Volunteer for our physical fitness, drill, and leadership summer camps at no cost
    * Earn a letter jacket meeting our organizational criteria 
    * There are no unit organizational fees, 
    * Your instructors are exceptional: retired military and civilian experience, experts in their field with a combined knowledge level of more than 60 years to lead, teach, and coach you to the highest levels of achievement 
    * Visit our website under the "clubs" tab, click NJROTC of the UHS website or our facebook
    COME AND JOIN US! See and be a part of one of the most exciting adventures of an organization not unique across all campus facilities