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Why band?

  • Band is intrinsic. As with all art, it is about expressing oneself via a different and unique language. Much of academia is impressionistic, which requires a definitive skill of following instructions. Band adds to that requirement the option of self-expression. Band is a group effort. Members are required to shift from an I/Me reasoning to a We/Us concept. This means extending oneself beyond the normal considerations of much of our day to day living. Instead of the logic being, what’s in it for me, it becomes, what’s in it for us? The values of cooperation, communication, concentration, correlation, and completion come into play each rehearsal and performance. Band builds positive self-worth. Although we share many similarities with our athletic counterparts, BAND is a place for everyone. Rarely is a person serving as an alternate or substitute.. Everyone in the band plays a starting role within the adherence to the system and directives, which are put in place. Band is preparation for life. Through the discipline of MUSIC, we are developing a consistent understanding between the intellectual (cognitive) and emotional (affective) thought processes. Band allows the person to create formulas and not just solutions that are directly transferable to other facets of life. Although these four points may seem lofty in character, they make up the fundamental framework of our band program. Hopefully, this brief overview will give you a first-hand look at the foundation that supports our musical education program. The band room door is always open to you. Join us at any time, and thank you for your support as we continue our journey towards musical excellence.