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  • Uvalde Coyote and Lobo Cross Country is reaching for excellence. Our student-athletes have high expectations for themselves and their teammates. We hold each other accountable and expect the best from each other. The Varsity Lobo Cross Country team has brought home 4 consecutive district titles. The Coyotes are looking to make a name for themselves this season! Coyote and Lobo Cross Country will represent Uvalde with pride and class. We are anxious to kick off our season in a few weeks.

    We are what repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. Discuss what our program is all about, where we've been and where we want to go...

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    • Social Media/Phones: Athletes are not to take videos/pictures in locker rooms
    • UIL eligibility rules: Coach Libby will be checking grades periodically, parents I urge you to check on your student athletes grades as well. It is unacceptable to be failing at any point in the school year. Student athletes are held to higher standards! At the 6 week grading period, students can LOSE eligibility. Please do not put yourself or your team in this position- you work too hard not to be able to compete due to a failing grade.
    • Tutoring: Get in the classroom, speak to your teachers, find out what work you need to complete, test you need to retake, etc. Do not wait until the last minute. I will do everything to help you be successful in the classroom. I will speak to teachers on your behalf and set up tutoring times if needed, but DO NOT give your teachers a reason to notify me of poor attendance, tardies, misbehavior, poor attitude etc. You are a reflection of this program! Always be respectful and determined to succeed in the classroom, course and in life.
    • Sportsmanship: YOu guys rock at sportsmanship. You treat your teammates with respect and are always encouraging each other. Keep up the great work. You are leaders in this area and I am so proud of that.
    • All- District Selection: 1-10 1st Team All-District 10-15 2nd Team All-District 15-20 Honorable Mention
    • Food Rule: District Rule- NO outside food can be brought to student athletes. My suggestion-pack a lunch on that day. We often pack plenty of snacks as well. If we leave very early then of course we will be feeding you.
    • PCO: Parent Coach Organization Group of parents who like to be in charge of helping to coorindate special events such as Homecoming float etc, additional fundraisers etc. Any fundraisers put together by parents does not count against out total number we are allowed to have. Our XC parents are amazing and you guys are all so involved with our team any help is appreciated. 
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