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Curriculum & Instruction

Amy Graeber

Amy Graeber
Chief Instructional Officer

Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin
Exe. Director of C&I K-12 and Elementary Education 

Victor Baron

Victor Baron
Exe. Director of Administrative Services and Secondary Education

Parents can support student learning by accessing the STAAR resources to get acquainted with the learning targets students are aiming for.  You can also support learning at home by:

  • Prioritizing academics and personal goal-setting
  • Making sure that your child is completing all assignments
  • Helping your child develop good study habits, thinking skills, and a positive attitude towards education from an early age
  • Ensuring that your child has good attendance at school
  • Staying in communication with your child's teacher
  • Helping your child learn how to follow directions carefully
  • Connecting your child to instructional resources provided by UCISD to engage your child with learning standards
  • Encouraging your child to read as much as possible, and to increase vocabulary. Even reading magazines, newspapers, and comic books regularly will help improve his/her reading skills
  • Fostering your child's interest in college, career, and/or military pathways.