• Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA)


  • The Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program is dedicated to recruiting, supporting, and retaining highly effective teachers in all schools, with particular emphasis on high-needs and rural schools. This program provides a pathway to financially recognize top teachers and serves as a great opportunity to honor the hard work and proven success of our Uvalde CISD teaching staff.

    The goal of the TIA program is to provide a realistic pathway to boost the salaries of outstanding teachers. As such, it will dramatically improve the recruitment and retention of highly effective teachers in our most challenging areas.

    Certification Eligibility

    The teacher must have a valid SBEC certificate. Eligible types of certificate include: Standard, Professional, Provisional. The teacher must be coded 087 (Teacher) per the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) description of codes for 90 day at 100% of the day (equivalent to four and one-half months or a full semester) or 180 days required at 50-99% of the day and compensated for that employment.


    Designations are Recognized, Exemplary and Master. Once earned, designations remain valid for a period of five years. They are determined utilizing both teacher observation ratings and student performance data.


    The teacher observation component requires minimum average scores across domain 2 (Instruction) and 3 (Learning Environment) for each designation level:

    • Recognized: 3.7

    • Exemplary: 3.9

    • Master: 4.5


    The district intends to use a variety of data sources to measure student growth.

    Phase 1: STAAR Reading and Math. To determine student growth levels, the STAAR Progress Measure will be used. Based on end of year data the district will be able to calculate the percentage of students meeting or exceeding growth for use in determining designations.


    Phases 2 & 3: To Be Determined.