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    Premium Rates Stay Flat or Decrease Across Regionally Priced Plans

    TRS-ActiveCare moved to regional rating to ensure prices reflect the cost of health care in your area. And now, in the 2022-23 plan year, none of the 20 Education Service Center regions will see a price increase from last year.

    This is also in part due to additional federal COVID-19 funding from the Governor and Texas legislative leadership. Read TRS' press release for more details: April 28, 2022: TRS-ActiveCare Rates Stay Flat Thanks to Additional Funding (pdf).

    With these factors, the 2022-23 plan year is a reset for TRS-ActiveCare. We’ll continue to innovate in order to keep your prices competitive and your benefits robust and personal. Rising medical cost trends are an ongoing challenge. But we landed on an important starting point for our new regionally priced plans.


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