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  • UCISD ACE program is to provide a safe and fun learning enviornment afterschool to all students enrolled in our ACE program.
    Our goals include:

    1. Offering exciting enrichments to our students
    2. Providing exciting and innovative learning opportunities
    3. Providing extended academic assistance to any student in need
    4. Involving Parents and offerring them extended programs
    5. Engaging all students involved in our ACE programs

  • UCISD Afterschool Centers on Education Program ACE registration for the  2018-2019 school year, will begin August 20th. Please fill out registration form and get it to your students coordinator at the campus! These form will only be accepted beginning August 20th. The Texas Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) program is one of the largest statewide after school programs in the country, serving over 180,000 students at nearly 1,000 sites. The ACE program is administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and is funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative of the U.S. Department of Education.

    • ACE program participants in grades 6–12 had fewer disciplinary incidents than nonparticipating students.
    • Participation of students in grades 4–11 was associated with fewer school day absences.
    • ACE participants in grades 7–11 who attended 30 days or more and participants in grades 4–5 and 7–11 attending 60 days or more had an increased likelihood of grade promotion. For high school students attending 60 days or more, there was a 97% chance of being promoted to the next grade level.1