• Family & Student Support Counselors


    The UCISD Family & Student Counselors provide support and services for students and their families, creating a true connection between home life, school life, and community life. The FSSC’s are Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselor-Associates, or Social Workers, licensed by their respective state boards. They offer brief, short-term counseling on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as determined by exhibited need, during non-academic time.

    The Family & Student Counselors are knowledgeable regarding available community resources and can connect families with organizations that may benefit those with specific needs. The FSSC also provides families with information from the district, community agencies, city and state institutions, and any other organizations that might benefit those with specific needs. Family & Student Counselors help students and families reach maximum educational benefits and assist those who are experiencing emotional challenges. 

Support Counselors

  • Anthon, Batesville & Robb Elementary
  • Crossroads Academy & Batesville School
  • Dalton Elementary
  • Dalton Elementary & UHS
  • Flores Elementary & MJH
  • Uvalde Elementary
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Counseling/Behavior Health Service Providers


      Uvalde CISD has a Director of Recovery in place who is responsible for leading our efforts to help students work through the challenges associated with returning to school. Mental health professionals who specialize in trauma and grief will be available to meet with students at all school campuses. All campus staff will participate in recovery training from August 1st to August 22nd. 

      Social & Emotional Support Preparations


  • Student-Centered Supports

  • Staff Training and Support

  • Staff Trainings

  • Tiered Systems of Student Support

Free Family Grief Support

Family Resources

Uvalde Together Resiliency Center

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