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Anne Marie Espinoza, December's Employee of the Month

posted Dec 8, 2016, 7:57 AM by Yvette Perez   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 7:58 AM ]

The Employee of the Month for December is awarded to Anne Marie Espinoza, Executive Director for Communications and Marketing. Mrs. Espinoza always presents a positive attitude about our district and is committed to ensuring our students and staff are fully recognized for their accomplishments. She views her responsibilities to our district as a 24/7 and she personifies more than you would ever expect from a person in her position. Mrs. Espinoza's character, integrity and reputation in the Uvalde community has dramatically increased the positive awareness of our district to our parents and the public in general. Her glowing personality, boundless energy and always smiling face makes me wonder if she ever has a bad day like the rest of us. It goes without saying that Mrs. Espinoza, it seems, has an unlimited capacity for task accomplishment and normal working hours are not a part of her daily routine. She is consistently dedicated to accomplishing what is in the best interest of our district and our

students regardless of the hour of day or night or weekend. Her expertise is second to none. Mrs. Espinoza's character, integrity and reputation sets the example for all of us to follow. She genuinely cares for her fellow workers but her love for the students of our district is exceptional. Her leadership by example, positive attitude, and loyalty to our district is deserving of public recognition for a job done exceeding well. Please join our district in congratulating and thanking Mrs. Espinoza for all that she does for our district  with any task necessary to be ready to serve our students.