October 2016 Scholar of the Month

Uvalde C.I.S.D. has partnered with IBC Bank and KVOU Radio to promote and encourage 
scholastic excellence among students. Students enter an essay-writing contest with the topic“Why I Should be the Scholar of the Month.” Teachers choose one composition to represent their classroom. Compositions are turned into a campus leadership team, which selected one winner from the twelfth grade and eleventh grade to represent the grade level. The Scholar of the Month recognition took place on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at Uvalde High School to recognize twelfth
grade student Kimberly Medina and eleventh grade student Summer Rojas.

Summer’s winning essay included the following statements; “I never thought that I was or could
be a scholar. Not because I wasn’t smart enough but because I believed you had to be an
intelligent genius who invented formulas for physics ro Trig....That’s not what a scholar is, a
scholar is a person who has profound knowledge of a particular subject. My subject is Fine
Arts...I myself want to make it to Broadway or the big screens. I want to go to school in New
York for acting and musical techniques......I am going to make it big one day and inspire kids at
young ages to have a love Theatrical Fine Arts like I did. I am a scholar, I am not a genius like
Einstein or Marie Curie, but I am a scholar with much knowledge and adoration for Theatre &
Fine Arts.” Pictured in the photo: (left to right) Jesus Olivares (IBC), Clarie Trevino (IBC), Iris
Wiginton (Mom)Summer Riojas (Scholar), Elizabeth Sandoval (principal),Rocio Perry (KVOU)
and Steven Garcia (KVOU).

Kimberly’s winning essay included the following statements; “Ambition. Drive. Perseverance.
These are the qualities that set me apart. These are the qualities I am most proud to possess. My
ambition in life is not like everyone else’s. It is not wealth, power, or recognition. It is the thirst
for knowledge and wisdom, the dream to change a person’s life, and to make a profound impact
on the world.....You see, a scholar is not just one who earns the highest grades, but one who
exemplifies qualities needed in order to succeed and realizes that the road to success is not easy,
but it certainly is worth it.” Pictured in the photo: (left to right) Jesus Olivares (IBC), Clarie
Trevino (IBC), Sulema Medina (Mom), Kimberly Medina (Scholar), Elizabeth Sandoval
(principal), Rocio Perry (KVOU) and Steven Garcia (KVOU).