March Scholars of the Month - Robb Elementary

Uvalde C.I.S.D. has partnered with IBC Bank and KVOU Radio to promote and encourage scholastic excellence among students. Students enter an essay-writing contest with the topic “Why I Should be The Scholar of the Month.” Teachers choose one composition to represent their classroom. Compositions are turned into a campus leadership team, which selected one winner from the fourth grade and the third grade to represent the grade level. The Scholar of the Month recognition took place on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at Robb Elementary to recognize fourth grade student Vivian Garza and third grade student Orlando Plata.

Vivian Garza was nominated by classmate William Klein. The Scholar of the Month recognition program is in the second year of recognitions and for the very first time a student has nominated a fellow classmate to receive the recognition. William Klein has impressed us with his kindness and consideration for others. William’s winning essay included the 
following to highlight why Vivian
Garza should be Scholar of the Month; “I know I’m supposed to write about myself, but there’s someone who deserves this more than me, Vivian Garza. One reason is even though she’s going through a lot at home, she still comes to school with a smile on her face. Secondly, she’s a good person and friend. For instance if I get mad or sad she’ll always cheer me up. Another reason is she’s one of the most well behaved kids in the school…….She’ll always be the Scholar of the Century to me.”

Orlando’s winning essay included the following; “I want to be the scholar of the month because I follow directions of all school personnel and because I do my work and I never get in trouble…I also want to be the scholar of the month and also because I’m student council.”

Students were presented with a $100 savings bond courtesy of IBC Bank, will be mentioned in congratulatory announcements on KVOU Radio, and enjoyed a congratulatory lunch with school administration, parents, representatives from IBC Bank and KVOU Radio prepared especially by Southwest Excellence Foodservice for the special recognition.