May Employee of the Month

Norma Campos ~ May Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month for May is awarded to Norma Campos at Maintenance and Facilities. Ms. Campos is a remarkable individual that has been with the district for 25 years. The individual that nominated her has worked with her for 16 years and he describes her as always displaying professionalism, loyalty, good humor, tenacity, and kindness. She works very well with others and she is described by many as being a mother to the individuals in her department because she is always there for them with questions, to help with concerns or just to lend a shoulder or ear to listen. Ms. Campos is described as knowing her job very well and being an individual that treats everyone with courtesy and respect but is also firm and direct when she needs to be. One of the quotes used to describe Norma, "If Norma ever leaves the district it would take at least two people to replace her, she's that good.” It is with great pleasure to congratulate Norma Campos as our employee of the month. She is very deserving of these accolades.