February Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month for February​ is awarded to ​Luis Angeles​, On Call Bus Driver​. Mr. Angeles​ is being recognized for his remarkable dedication to all our students with a keen eye on our students in Batesville. There is no time off limits for this gentlemen who drives students home to​ Batesville at all hours of the night after attending extra-curricular activities. Mr. Angeles​ has a unique job assignment as an “On Call ​Bus ​Driver!” This individual has embraced this assignment to the fullest. He is often described as, “A very dependable, safe driver for our students. He is the man to call on at anytime of the day or night for a bus run.” This individual has been the recipient of the Safe Employee Award due to him actively engaging in safety and accident prevention on the job. He demonstrates an outstanding dedication to our staff and students. Please help us​ congratulate Luis Angeles!