April Employee of the Month

The Employee of the Month for April​ is awarded to Norma Jean Sandoval​ of Anthon Elementary​. This employee spreads Coyote Spirit and Pride throughout her campus and our community. Mrs. Sandoval is an active individual with a passion for wellness and bringing families together. She energetically and creatively organized a team of individuals to bring the community together on a monthly basis with the Anthon Family Wellness activities. As an advocate for wellness she organized a campus wide Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser for two years in a row. Last year’s event not only raised funds, but heightened awareness among the student body of one of their fellow students. The event inspired compassion among the student body with the theme “Jumping for Johnny.” 

Mrs. Sandoval creates opportunities for our high school athletes to feel appreciated while serving as role models for Anthon students. Events have been arranged to appreciate our UHS Football Team, UHS Softball Team, UHS Girls Soccer Team, and others which have included meals and goodie bags sponsored by staff and Anthon PTO along with good luck messages created by the students. While these UHS student groups are on campus many of them interact with Anthon students by greeting students as they are being dropped off in the morning or simply sharing with students the hard work and dedication it takes to be a good student and athlete. 

Mrs. Sandoval serves as a leader in many different areas. She is an inspiring leader on her campus, who is always willing to take the lead with both student and staff activities. You will often see Mrs. Sandoval in our community helping with Southwest Texas Junior College events which benefit Uvalde C.I.S.D. students who have become college students. Mrs. Sandoval is an outstanding active member of the Uvalde Athletic Booster Club. You may have seen Mrs. Sandoval selling Football Programs during football games, working the concession stand, or even selling merchandise. If you looked closely Mrs. Sandoval could have been seen delivering Brisket Plates at the UHS Girls Softball Plate Sale. Mrs. Sandoval gives unselflessly to the staff and students of Uvalde C.I.S.D. during work hours and countless personal hours. 

Mrs.Sandoval is an excellent role model for Uvalde C.I.S.D. Employee of the Month! Please join our district in congratulating and thanking Mrs. Norma Jean Sandoval for all that she does for our district.