Junior National Young Leaders Conference

Board Recognitions

Junior National Young Leaders Conference:
Uvalde C.I.S.D. had two students attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC from Envision Career and Leadership Foundation. These students attended the event held in Washington D.C. during the summer. Students were able to exhibit leadership strengths and develop their vision for the future while participating in this six-day exploration of leadership through the lens of American History.

Students were assigned to Focus Groups made of a small group of students from all over the nation, which met over the course of the week to focus on and discuss leadership concepts dealing with character, communication, goal setting, problem solving, teamwork and respect. Students took a journey through American History by visiting the National Museum of American History and participating in a Learning to look event where they explored artifacts from our nation’s history, studied the different roles of our Presidents, and participated in group discussions about our first amendment and the freedoms it guarantees, while focusing on students’ right in schools.

Our students displayed outstanding character representing Uvalde C.I.S.D. very well.

Victoria Garcia (Not Present)
Zachary Lambert