UHS Marching Band Advanced to the Area Marching Band Contest

Board Recognitions

On Saturday, October 17 our UHS Marching Band participated in the UIL Marching Contest held at Gregory Portland High School. The Coyotes took the field and performed their hearts out, filling the stadium with Coyote Pride. Three judges awarded ratings of 1-1-2! The highest rating of a “1” was well deserved and advanced our young musicians to the Area G Marching Band Contest! The Area G Marching Band Contest took place on Wednesday, October 28 at the Wildcat Stadium in Calallen ISD. This competition was an excellent opportunity for our students to compete against 30 of the top bands in the area. We are extremely proud of the leadership and showmanship displayed by our students.

Joshua Laredo - Drum Major

Adrian Guerrero - Assistant Drum Major

Kassandra Elizondo - Assistant Drum Major

Jason S. Jung - Head Director

Allen Houston - Assistant Director

Darren McCarty - Assistant Director

Veronica Ramirez - Assistant Director