Cross Country District Champs

Board Recognitions

The UHS Girls Cross Country Team is setting new records and honors for our district. On Thursday October 16 our Girls Cross Country team earned the title of District Champs! The Cross Country Team competed against six (6) other schools in the District (Southside, Eagle Pass CC Winn, Laredo Cigarroa, Laredo Martin, Laredo Nixon, Somerset and Medina Valley). The girls Cross Country Varsity Team consists of seven (7) extreme athletes. This competition took a team effort to win!

We are very proud of the following team places:
  • Gabby Gonzales, 1st
  • Mabel Fowler, 2nd
  • Ciara Rodriguez, 13th
  • Abby Perez, 14th
  • Kaela Maldonado, 17th 
  • Kati Castillo, 22nd
  • Kate Roman, 39th 
  • Aaron Whitehead was the lone Coyote qualifier! 

Team success is only possible with the commitment and support of Coach Elizabeth “Libby” Gonzales.

“I would like to share and recognize that 3 of these girls were sidelined by serious injuries the majority of the season but never once quit training. They put in extra hours of cross training in order to help their teammates qualify as a team for Regional. I am so honored to coach these girls. Uvalde Cross Country will not be able to replace Aaron as he graduates this year. Aaron has represent Uvalde very well throughout his high school years! I couldn't have handpicked a more deserving group of hardworking student athletes to win the District 29 - 5a Cross Country title!” 
~ Coach Gonzales