Pioneers Finalists

Board Recognitions

Uvalde High School offered a new class to the students this year – PIONEERS YOUTH LEADERSHIP that currently has 16 students in the class and is under the leadership of Ms. M’Liss Graham. 
The class is structured around 7 characteristics: 

During the fall semester, the students spent many weeks creating an individual Agricultural Business Plan over the topic of their choice. The following two young ladies were finalists in the Pioneers Ag Business Plan competition with PIONEERS in the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. 

Alicia Saldana – Finalists in the Pioneers Ag Business Plan She thought outside the “box” and created a business plan on creating a SNAIL FARM. Her mission statement was “Providing high quality snails for all your snaily needs!” She did a lot of research on the different types of snails there are and how they are used ranging from a food source to medicine to cosmetics/facial rejuvenation. A large part of the business plan dealt with how to start a business financially. She had to project start-up cost along with a 3-year financial projection of her business. 

Jessica Castillo – Finalists in the Pioneers Ag Business Plan Jesscia was a junior at Uvalde High School recently moved out of state, was the other UHS finalist for the competition. Her business plan was entitled “Castillo’s Nature Conservancy”. Her mission statement was “To protect nature now and over the years for future generations and for people today.” She stressed that she would create “a company who was ready to act upon any situation to keep nature clean and healthy.” She had a slogan: Keeping the Future Cleaner and Greener.