Flores Middle School UIL

Board Recognitions

Students at Flores Middle School are representing Uvalde CISD with outstanding results at U.I.L. meets! Virginia Eliott and Jamie Foutz organize the U.I.L. team and ensure students are ready to represent Flores Middle School and Uvalde CISD. The U.I.L. Team competed on January 31 at Somerset and on February 14 at Medina Valley the following students earned the following awards: 

Cory Davenport: Poetry 6th grade 2nd and 8th place, Listening Skills 9th place 
Jennifer Chavierra: Prose 7th grade 3rd place 
Shyann Dockal: Dictionary 7th grade 1st and 8th place, Mathematics 7th grade 4th 5th place, Science 7th grade 1st and 4th place 
Makayla Barboza: Dictionary 7th grade 4th and 6th place 
Linesa Tomansini: Mathematics 7th grade 4th and 8th place, Dictionary Skills 7th grade 9th place 
Jacob Alberado: Art Miscellaneous 1st and 2nd place 
Lyndon Diongzon: Spelling 7th grade 7th place 
Nayeli Silva: Maps, Charts, Graphs 7th grade 7th place 
Erin Garza: Maps, Charts, Graphs 7th grade 7th place 
Katya Lopez: Impromptu Speaking 7th grade 2nd place, Social Studies 7th grade 5th place, Painting 7th grade 7th place and Prose 7th grade 8th place 
Enrique Morlaes: Social Studies 6th grade 6th place 
Kristian Carranza: Prose 6th grade 6th place 
Isabella Salazar: Prose 6th grade 9th place 
Katarina Martinez: Black and White Drawing 6th grade 6thplace 
Victoria Garcia: Editorial Writing 6th grade 9th place 

Congratulations to the U.I.L. coaches who did a fantastic job preparing our students! 
Virginia Eliott: Prose and Poetry 
Jamie Foutz: Mathematics 
Sandra Hopper: Art 
Cynthia Warrington: Social Studies 
Andrea Sagemuehl: Spelling/Science 
Lori Leigh: Number Sense 
Carol Mallory: Dictionary Skills 
Lea VanCleave: Listening Skills 
Gracie Gonzlaez: Maps, Charts, Graphs/Calculator 
Natalie Sanchez: Impromptu Speaking 
Maribel Gonzalez: Editorial/Ready Writing 
Alyson Cox: Modern Oratory