Transportation Employee Awards

Board Recognitions

We would like to recognize Transportation personnel who have performed beyond expectations in the first year implementation of the transportation department.

Kathryn “Kaci” Rice – Transportation Secretary Mr. Ramirez shares, “Kaci has been instrumental in the first year success of the transportation department.  Her ability to quickly learn the District’s Skyward automated system; ensured timely payroll for all transportation employees, enforced accurate budget accountability, and provided excellent purchasing support to the department needs.  She is always hard at work and her positive sense of humor is an inspiration to everyone.” 

Gloria Gonzales – Transportation Dispatcher/Trainer Mr. Ramirez shares, “Gloria has been a key team player.  Her dedication and adaptability are exemplified by her becoming a certified safety instructor for Region 20. Gloria’s certification has expedited the training of not only our new bus drivers, but the training of new drivers from surrounding school districts.” 

Eliazar Moreno – Mechanic Mr. Ramirez shares, “Eliazar has been a key team player.  His mechanical knowledge and dedication to the department have made the transition to the new buses a success.  Bus drivers know they can count on Mr. Moreno to keep their buses ready and safe. Mr. Moreno is a hard worker and always looking for ways to improve the shop.”   

Bus Drivers: 
Brenda Jasso 
Shirley McNair 
Tracie Quiroz 
Maria Silva 
Rosemary White 

Bus Monitors: 
Marha Bertnal 
Delia Chaves 
Laura Martinez 
Christopher Padilla 

 Mr. Ramirez shares, “These bus drivers and bus Monitors have distinguished themselves by their dedication to our students, the transportation department, their adaptability, attitude, and work attendance.