FMS Student Council Excellence Award

Board Recognitions

The Flores Middle School Student Council has been awarded with an Honor Student Council Excellence Award for the 2014-2015 school year. The Honor Student Council Excellence Award recognizes outstanding achievement conducted by Students Councils in the area of community service, student leadership, citizenship, and school spirit. This is a great achievement and this year marks the fourth consecutive year that Flores Middle School Student Council has been bestowed with this honor.  

Sponsors: Jamie Foutz, Lia VanCleave and Virginia Eliott 

6th Grade Student Council Members: 

Celeste Arizmendi 
Javier Cobos 
Angelina Flores 
Emily Flores 
Gaby Flores 
Makayla Flores 
Sarah Lopez 
Anthony Lugo 
Enrique Morales 
Shelby Penney 
Kayleen Weaver 
Krislyn Wimberley 

7th Grade Student Council Members: 

Yesenia Arellano 
Makayla Barboza 
Delicia Campos 
Christopher Cantu 
Aubrey Castillo 
Justine Flores 
Marina Flores 
Erin Garza 
Jenessa Magana 
Abigail Pineda 
Oscar Roman 
Nayeli Silva 
Estefania Torres 
Jeslynn Vara 
George Willemin