Benson Elementary Student Council Excellence Award

Board Recognitions

The Benson Elementary Student Council has been awarded with an Honor Student Council Excellence Award for the 2014-2015 school year. The Honor Student Council Excellence Award recognizes outstanding achievement conducted by Students Councils in the area of community service, student leadership, citizenship, and school spirit. Mrs. Becky Reinhardt shares, “They have worked so hard this year! They are responsible for bringing Drum Cafe for our pep rally for STAAR. They raised the entire $2,000 themselves!” 

Sponsors: Tina Penney and Sonya Gonzales 

5th Grade Student Council Members: 
Cruz Gonzalez 
Claudio Sandoval 
Nathaniel Perez 
Nathan Barboza 
Zachary Martinez 
Jaime Cruz 
Johanna Garza 
Gabriela Rendon 
Garrett Sendejo
Katie Morin 
Andrea Contreras 
Michelle Munguia 
 Aaron Ramirez 
Melina Blanco 
Nenishka Garcia 
Alexis Silva 
Toby Garcia 
Araci Geron 
Diamond Miranda 
Isabella Munoz 
 Arianna Diaz