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Cactus Jack Foundation Awards

Cactus Jack Foundation Awards

What is the purpose of a CJF Award?

The Cactus Jack Foundation will provide financial support for innovative educational projects and programs that will enhance learning opportunities for students. Cactus Jack would really like to focus grants on items that benefit and support student incentives toward positive behavior.

How does it work?

Through a very simple application process PK-12 Teachers and Administrators can apply for funding to provide innovative academic experiences in their classrooms and/or campuses. Typical awards range from $250 - $1500. Teachers may apply for awards up to $500. Teams/Campuses may apply for awards up to $1500.

Who can apply?

All UCISD Teachers and Administrators are encouraged to apply. No more than one award will be awarded per teacher per year.

Request for Technology Guidelines:

Cactus Jack Award recipients wishing to purchase technology should communicate with Cash Keith to acquire a quote for award application and to purchase technology after awards have been awarded. All technology purchases are to be approved by the campus principal and the director of technology.


All UCISD Teachers and Administrators are encouraged to apply.

Application window opens
June 1, 2016 – August 26, 2016

Application window closes at 5:00 PM
Friday, August 26, 2016

Notification of Awards
September 1, 2016

Rules and Exclusions

Award applications must be approved by the applicant’s supervisor (principal, director, etc.) prior to submitting. Applications will be considered on a competitive basis and will be awarded through a blind review process. Multiple award applications may not be submitted by the same individual or team in a school year. Applications to fund salaries, substitutes, stipends, coaches, private tutors, etc. will not be considered. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Award Recipients will be expected to complete a project evaluation that outlines the impact of the project.


When will funds be available for use by the Award Recipients? Funds will be available by September 7, 2015. When must projects be implemented? Funds will be available by Fall 2016. Who can I contact with questions regarding the award process? You may contact Dr. Jeanette Ball at 830-591-6655 ext. 1019 or email her at

Tips for Successful Award Applications

  • Submit a Creative and Innovative Proposal 
  • Make sure the project’s objectives and timeline are achievable 
  • The more students who benefit, the better 
  • Fully complete all steps in the award application 
  • Make it easy to read your application 
  • Consider your project’s sustainability 
  • Project your costs carefully 
  • Outcomes are very important