Government & Public Administration

 Government and Public Administration
If you are interested in shaping or protecting the future of your city, state and country, the Government and Public Administration Career Cluster may be for you. Though there are some areas that are unique to military service, virtually every occupation can be found within government.

This career cluster is organized into seven career pathways:
  • Governance
  • National security
  • Foreign service
  • Planning
  • Revenue and taxation
  • Regulation
  • Public management and administration

Students headed for government and public administration careers need to learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school education and training opportunities, from apprenticeships and two-year college programs to four-year college and graduate programs.

Government and public administration careers include:
  • Elected official (city council, mayor, governor, etc.)
  • City manager
  • Lobbyist
  • Legislative assistant
  • Military member (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard)
  • Foreign service, diplomatic or consular officer
  • Planner
  • Census clerk
  • Federal aid coordinator
  • Tax examiner
  • Internal revenue agent or investigator
  • Auditor
  • Bank examiner
  • Election supervisor
  • Cargo or border inspector
  • Child support officer
  • Court administrator
  • City, county or court clerk
  • Guardian ad litem