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Required Postings

Required Postings
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DepartmentPostingSectionLaw CodeReport
DepartmentPostingSectionLaw CodeReport
 District Posting on TEA's Internet Site    
Accountability Conflicts Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires 176.009 Local Government Code House Bill 914 
Accountability Federal Report Cards   Federal Report Cards 
Accountability TEA Accreditation Statuses 39.054 Education Code TEA Accreditation Statuses 
Accountability A-F Accountability   A-F Accountability 
Accountability Definitions and Explanation of Each Performance Rating Described by Education Code 39.072(a) 39.362 Education Code 2017 Accountability Manual 
Accountability School Report Card 39.362 Education Code School Report Cards 
Accountability Campus Improvement Plans 7.3.7 State Compensatory Education Audit Update 14 Financial Accountability System Resource Guide Campus Improvement Plan 
Accountability UCISD Public Notification of Nondiscrimination in CTE Programs   UCISD Public Notification of Nondiscrimination in CTE Programs 
Accountability Texas Academic Performance Report 39.362 Education Code District Texas Academic Performance Report 
Accountability Evaluation of State Compensatory Education 7.3.7 State Compensatory Education Audit Update 14 Financial Accountability System Resource Guide SCE Evaluation 2015-2016 
Accountability Performance Rating of the District 39.362 Education Code 2016 Accountability Summary 
Accountability Check Register and Aggregate Payroll Amount   District Check Registers 
Accountability Performance in Community & Student Engagement as Component of Overall District & Campus Rating   HB5 Community Engagement Ratings 
Accountability Superintendent's Contract 109.1005(b)(2)(A) Title 19, Texas Administrative Code  Superintendent's Contract 
Accountability Graduation Plans   Graduation Plans 
Accountability  District Parent Involvement Plan   District Parent Involvement Plan 
Accountability District Improvement Plan 7.3.7 State Compensatory Education Audit Update 14 Financial Accountability System Resource Guide District Improvement Plan 
Financial Post Adopted Budget 39.084 Education Code Adopted Budget 2017 -2018 
Financial Proposed Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate 26.05(b) Tax Code  
Financial Federal grant awards  Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA Federal Grant Awards 
Financial Annual Financial Report Submission Requirements Update 14 Financial Accountability System Resource Guide Annual Financial Report 
Financial Costs and Metered Amounts for Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas for District 2265.001(b) Government Code House Bill 3693 Information 
Financial Summary of Proposed Budget 44.0041 Education Code UCISD Proposed Budget 2016- 2017 
Financial First Report   Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas 16-17 
Financial Tax Limitation Agreement  Tax Code Chapter 313 Tax Limitation Agreement 
Financial Tax Rate Trend Information 26.16 Tax Code Tax Rate 
Financial Notice of Public Meeting to Discuss Budget and Proposed Tax Rate    Tax Rate Public Hearing 
Governance Notice of a Board Meeting 551.056 Government Code Public Agendas 
Governance Bill of Rights for Property Owners 402.031 Government Code Bill of Rights for Property Owners 
Health Immunization Requirements 38.019 Education Code Immunization Requirements 
Health Statement for Public Inspection by School Health Advisory Council  BDF Legal  
Personnel Vacancy Position Postings 11.1513(d)(1)(B) Education Code Employment 
Personnel Group Health Coverage Plan and Report 22.004(d) Education Code  
Personnel Board's Employment Policies 21.204(a)–(d) Education Code Board's Employment Policies 
Purchasing Reverse Auction Scheduled Internet Location 2155.062(d) Government Code  
Students Dates PSAT/NMSQT and any college advanced placement tests will be administered and provide instructions for participation by a home-schooled pupil. 29.916 Education Code  
Students Physical Activity Policies 28.004(k) Education Code  
Students College Credit Programs 28.010(b) Education Code  
Showing 39 items