Title:Recruiter-NGS Specialist
Location:Migrant Office
Description:Assist with the daily operation of Migrant department in the recruitment of migrant families.

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  • High school diploma or GED 
Special Knowledge/Skills: 
  • Ability to use personal computer and software 
  • Proficient typewriting, keyboarding and file maintenance skills 
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to follow written instructions
  • Three years secretarial experience, preferably in a public education environment 
Start Date:7/29/2014
Contact Name:Lucy Olvedo
Contact Phone:830-278-6655 Ext. 1031
Contact Fax:830-591-4927
Contact Email:lolvedo7935@uvaldecisd.net
Contact Address:1000 North Getty Street
Contact City:Uvalde
Contact State:Texas
Contact Zip:78801
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